15 Digital Marketing Trends you shouldn’t miss in 2023

Since the pandemic, people have started evolving again and again into a better world, a world that we can use digitally, a world where businesses went full-on digital.
Changes occurred and assisted in evolving the current trends; in this blog, I will explore the 15 digital marketing trends that you shouldn’t miss.

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15. The VR and AR experiences.

A study showed that in 2021 alone, many marketers started introducing VR and AR technologies into their strategies; these were 34% of the marketers. After the success, they saw from these strategies a forecast of around 44% are planning to step up this idea and increase their investing pocket into it.

One of the best examples of this is IKEA’s mobile app that lets you view your room and place the furniture inside to see how it looks just right before purchasing.

 Another example is what Facebook has on its app. You can use the app as a 360-degree video or even watch 360 degrees videos as if you are the person.

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14. Live Chat Messaging Apps

Suppose you have noticed many businesses nowadays allow the customer to text them on WhatsApp instead of the chatting section on the website. In that case, that’s because WhatsApp and the apps like it are very convenient when it comes to messaging and replying to customers. Also, it can be integrated into a handy tool to keep track of the chat, especially when the instant replay is turned on.

Some product-selling businesses (E-Commerce) usually sell using WhatsApp instead of adding to the cart and checking out. That’s because it’s easier to convince the buyer with more products and assist them in purchasing directly.

App messaging is very effective because it has many options like:

· Enabling chat when you know someone is going to respond

· Set an away message in case no one is available to reply.

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13. Influencer Marketing

The concept of having an influencer do a lot for you is one winning idea that has never let anyone down. In fact, influencer marketing is a hack! Yes, it is a big hack; if your business can afford to get an influencer aboard then, it’s a win-win situation.

Influencers usually partner with agencies or businesses to promote the company. In return, they get either a payment or a digital prize such as discount codes that they can share with their fans.

This technique is a straightforward and yet straightforward technique to approach. It focuses on the fanbase that follows that influencer; once the influencer starts promoting the business, the fanbase will be closing the business according to what the influencer promoted. In return, the influencer receives a discount code that can be shared with their fanbase. These codes are benefiting 3 of the parties

· The influencer gets a percentage every time someone uses the code

· The business skyrockets its sales

· The fanbase gets a discount

So the whole idea is based on a collaboration between the influencer and the business.

But what if your business can not afford to get a celebrity influencer?

Micro-influencers are there to take that part. Micro-influencers are followed by a small fan base typically below 30,000 followers and more than 8,000 followers.

These influencers are easy to reach because they are day-to-day people, unlike those with a following huge count that barely connect with anyone.

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12. Web first applications

This technology is being used nowadays by companies to promote their website and track their conversion rates. A study shows that people shopping on the phone are more likely to convert than those on the website. This technology is called PWA (Progressive Web Apps); these web apps are basically websites made and optimized to be delivered on mobile apps regardless of what operating system the user is on.

Examples of PWA that you can test:
· Uber app
· Starbucks app
PWA allows marketers to organically grow using qualified traffic-driven content.

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11. Hybrid Events

We have witnessed many hybrid technologies in our current lives, like working from home or even events from home. Many businesses and event holders could pull off an event with over 3000 attendees ONLINE! Yes, online!!

Not just conferences and meetings, it also could work with live performances like what we see from the game Fortnite every season. This gives an idea for businesses to hold online events about any topic they want for a small entry fee, and that’s it, free profit…


10. Short Videos

TikTok has been leading the short videos platform for a while now, keep an eye on these trends that happen on Tiktok, many businesses could implement them into their own ideas, trust me, making a short dancing video or a short educational video can assist in your business grow, or can assist in launching a product or even promoting your service.

The video doesn’t have to be polished with great visuals; anything simple delivers a good reason.

Now, it’s very trendy for a business to join the Tiktok world and promote themselves there; it’s simple, fast, and accessible.


Tiktok is just a piece of an idea. Have you seen how good Instagram Reels are?

It’s just the best way to grow your business and market it using the trends available there.

9. Personalized Marketing

We have recently noticed that the marketing grows better and smoother when the marketing message is more personalized. It makes the audience engage quicker when they read their name or find something to relate to.

Using email marketing or WhatsApp broadcast messages or even website users who use their names to create an account, target them using their real subscribed name.

It’s a significant part of branding, just like how customers enjoy the same piece of product, but they love it more when they see their names on it.

8. Ads on Facebook

Facebook Ads are old news, right? WRONG! Facebook grows every second. Facebook reported that over one billion accounts are active on Facebook daily! That’s good, and the numbers keep on increasing every day. The business should always consider Facebook ads manager for everything they need, from lead generation to creating awareness. It’s not an option. It’s a must!

7. Zero-Click Searches

I believe this is the first time you hear about zero-click searches, right? Let me tell you, it’s a potent tool, you know, when you search for an answer for a question like “What is Zero-Click Searches” on google. The top and the correct answer show up on the first page without going to the website.

This is called ZERO CLICK SEARCH. It’s basically when users get their answers without going to any website.

Why is it a powerful tool? It takes the website SEO ranking to the next level. It grows your website’s score and ranks excellently.


Clearly, it’s an answer to every marketing and web development department.

6. Keep it Simple

Hey, we know that content is king, but keep that content simple! 

We are trying to say that straightforward content is coming to the front again nowadays. Yeah, complicated content means more work, but trust us. A deficient number of people are into complexity due to the amount of complex content being shared every day. In 2022, we think that content with a simple design and direct messages are emerging; try it out.

You will see it as very soothing to the eye.

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5. Go Live

Live videos worth over $70 billion by December 2021, the live video industry is prevalent among consumers on the internet. To add to that, people watch live videos longer than pre-recorded videos, and that’s because live videos are engaging. Consumers feel connected more on live videos.

Businesses can market their businesses by starting a live video on Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook. These are the top 3 platforms that have a lot of engagements.

A 1-hour live session every day will skyrocket the account’s engagement and make the audience more aware of the business.

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4. Audiences are more responsible now

A perfect trend that a business should follow is going green, assisting the environment!

It doesn’t have to be a trend. It’s also about ethics and manners. A survey was conducted by GWI “Who do you think is most responsible for the future of the environment?”

The answers were as follows:

  • 70% individual/Consumers
  • 52% Manufacturers
  • 50% National Government
  • 41% Local Government
  • 19% Influencers/Celebrities

70% of individuals, which means that consumers are definitely aware of what could happen to the world when climate change hits hard. They are expecting corporates to act with what the audience support. It’s straightforward for a consumer to find an alternative when their favorite brand serves in the opposite direction. The competitors in the market will take advantage of that. Take Samsung and Apple as an example; once Apple takes a step that angers the audience, Samsung comes up with an Ad saying we will not do what apple did. 

Simple but yet very effective, so in conclusion to this point, I would say the trends that hold responsibility are significant.


3. Metaverse

It’s true we already mentioned VR and AR. Still, we believe that businesses and marketers should start looking for future opportunities in the universe of the Metaverse. When Facebook changed its name to Meta as a parent company, it was definitely a move towards a brighter future filled with opportunities for everyone.

Now marketers will have new elements to use and prepare for a different future, taking all the positive acceptance from the audience to the Metaverse. Now marketers can work around their strategies into making Metaverse a living concept for marketing.

2. Interactive Media

Social media platforms are still and will stay for decades as the primary connection between every brand and its audience on many levels.

Brands should start posting interactive content on their social media platforms

  • Giveaways
  • Questions
  • Quizzes
  • Games

And not just posts. They should also be very friendly and reply in the comments section. Give it to the marketing department. They will handle it enjoyably, keep the most engaged, and keep the loyal customers happy.

1. Put yourself outside the box

It’s finally time to look at your work from a different perspective. If whatever you are doing has been working for you, you should always consider that it might stop working at any time.

Always keep a 1% extra effort to everyone you do as a marketer, try out new things, and take risks.

Researching is exemplary, and following the competitor’s trends and strategies is also good. Our recommendation is that whatever you see is suitable for your design, do it, but with an extra twist to it to make you different from others.

Remember, the habits of your audience will change when whatever happens like recently the global Covid pandemic has changed how the consumer thinks and researches. Therefore, adapt to these changes, promote your sanitized products, clean, safe, and all that.

It is the time to change and adapt, do that now!

At last, marketers should consider their audiences and always think about their response to the brand.

In marketing, trends are constantly evolving and changing, they might sound similar, but they have never been the same. Each brand plays its own role in the land of role-playing. At the same time, the marketing team works hard and effectively to place a strategy for the brand that will connect it with its loyal customers.

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