Time to grow

1. Invest in Keywords
Keywords are important because they tell search engines about the content of your social page.

2. Interact With Your Audience
Interacting with the audience offers them an opportunity to speak out. This makes them feel more involved with and connected to you

3. Hashtags generators
When you use a hashtag, your post will appear on the page for that hashtag, therefor, you will easily be exposed to the public




What is an Ecosystem?

The device ecosystem actually helps the company to stay connected with their loyal customers, it grows their sales metrics, it plays a role in selling multiple devices per person instead of a single device per person

Apple has made more than $512 billion by 2019 just from its ecosystem strategy🍏
 Key Benefits
Keeps your device cycle updated
Similarity between devices, and less confusion
Smooth and flawless usage

Daily Goals

Just like you wake up in the morning and plan your day, a business should be treated as a human waking up in the morning, the first thing you do in the morning as a business is setting today’s sales target, and today’s number of achievements, and then work towards that success, create the schedule and follow it.

• Emulate success.
Every successful business has a successful person behind it, its not wrong to learn from them and emulate their success, careful, don’t mix between emulating someone’s success and stealing someone success, emulating is basically learning their success and how they did it and start thinking the way they did, then implement it in your own way.
• Opportunities.
Every business will face difficulties such as customer misunderstandings, staff issues, or even income related issues, learn from the failure and use it as an opportunity.
Its not wrong to face issues, actually, you have to be worried if you don’t face any issues or difficulties, we can confidently say that issues are the reason why a business succeeds, because it’s a way to take that opportunity to approach a different method, maybe a better method as well.

Marketing Mistakes

• Not being Consistent
Do not be inactive and do not be too active, what does that mean is that when you are on social media, your audiences are expecting from you some content to be shared on your feed, for that you give them what they expect, but not too much, a post per day is more than enough for you to be active, going more than that will cause some of the posts to be shadowed, and it won’t be able to reach the perfect number of audiences. So, get the calendar ready, plan ahead, and start.

• Using the wrong image
Most common mistakes are with image choice, taking for example, you are advertising food for pets, but your image shows a family gathering at dinner, yes there might be a dog or a cat in the corner having dinner as well but it does not represent your advertisement, you need to make sure of using the right image that promotes the product you are advertising; hence, you can generate the right audience for your Ads.

• Selfish Content
When your content is only about you, your company, and product, it won’t be a fun account anymore, why would I follow? even if I was a loyal customer, I wouldn’t enjoy looking at the product I already own, hence, I will unfollow to keep my feed fresh and filled with the thing I love, so, instead of posting daily about the company or the product, its really important to notice your audiences or loyal customers, repost their posts about your company or products, show that you appreciate them by following some of them.
• How to fix these mistakes?
Outsourcing was never a letdown, hire experts to help you plan the and schedule your posts, also to give you the right content plan to get going.
Golden Click is a creative agency that can provide services like Digital marketing, Media Production, Graphic Design and Web Development, no limits, just creativity.

Are you a cloud kitchen owner?

1. Designs
You will need attractive designs to reveal your food brand, what are the colors that attract hungry customers? what logo looks more like a food brand and not a fashion brand? be aware of the fashion brand! They can use anything to add to their fashion, including food designs.
Here at Golden Click, our designers are on top of that, they can prepare your brand’s identity with the right logo and the right colors.

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