Top 20 Best Side Business Ideas for the Woman in 2023

“The year 2022 is going to be my year!” Let’s work together on achieving this saying. We are all working people who work towards our survival in this world, but a side business will always be essential. It makes you live the moment where you are the boss of your own job. It makes you do what you are good at and make money.

In this blog, we gathered around 20 top best side businesses for women, significantly to help them make more money this year.

It’s always a good idea to replace you relying on full-time income with part-time income. Basically, your part-time income is something you will feel proud of. It’s you and your work.

  • Create a Podcast series  

If you are a talkative person; you like talking and sharing, then go ahead and start your podcast. a podcast is a digital series of audio. Get yourself inspired and find an exciting topic to discuss online. Start a podcast on Apple Music or Spotify and discuss the top by sharing your views and ideas. Recording that discussion and uploading it as an audio file will allow people to enjoy the topic. They will definitely start catching up to your series.

  • Blogging

You can start a blog by discussing topics and getting paid. Every podcast might need a blog that supports it, or you can start blogging without podcasting. Still, it runs in the same way. Find a topic and write a whole discussion about it. Make it limited to 2000-2500 words so people can enjoy reading it; you get paid on blog views depending on where you are sharing the blog.

  • Sell Crafts

Hey, let’s use Art! Art has been around since the beginning of time; it is the creativity of the human being translated to paper and objects. One of the most anticipated businesses is selling those arts and crafts if you are an art person. You can work on handmade things crafted, so go ahead, start a social media store and sell those handmade crafts.

Handcrafts are Arts, Baskets, Ceramics, Printing, leather, jewelry, paper crafts, accessories of all kinds, and many more. Anything that requires your creativity is the key to selling crafts

  • Social Media Manager

What’s better than freelance work? Let’s say all of us are experienced in managing social media, but not everyone got the time to manage their own social media; go ahead become a social media manager, get paid on how many hours you spend working someone’s social media, by approaching them and managing their social media accounts, which include

      • Scheduling: time management and reminders
      • Content writing: captions and ideas
      • Content development: designs and words
      • Writing biographies: profile looks

And booming their follower/following ratios: getting enough followers

  • Become a Wedding Planner

How many lovers are getting married in 2022? We don’t know also, but imagine you becoming the wedding planner of all the weddings around your neighborhood!

Facebook is a great community to find people who need this kind of service. If you taste planning a wedding as a place, time, and design, then promote it. Get those lovers to pay you to plan the whole wedding for them, choosing the best site. Finding the best organizers who will bring you the equipment and stuff used in weddings, finding the music controller and mixer; who is better? You or those event planning organizations that cost a fortune to get?

  • Drop-Shipping

Dropshipping is a crazy business module; we have spoken a lot about dropshipping, but notice how it’s a business module that never dies. Dropshipping is basically becoming the middle person of the supplier and its customer. It uses to create a website and place the products directly from the supplier that can be found on Promote your website on Facebook and other social media platforms and watch the sales coming in. Bling bling!

  • Graphic design

Whether you use an iPad or a PC, using Photoshop, Illustrator, and/or procreate is mandatory. Every organization now needs an identity, a brand; you can be their designer!

If you know how to design logos, brochures, banners, or even create a brand from scratch, then share knowledge with the world by providing your work as a service.

Services can be identified as follows

      • Logo design
      • Business cards, brochures, and banner designs
      • Social media content design
  • Teaching

We all have the right skills for us; let’s not be selfish! Let’s sell our skills in the form of sharing. Fiverr, Skillshare, and many more websites will assist you in doing so. You can become a teacher in your own field and teach the audience what they want, on Zoom, Teams, or even the good old skype.

Selling courses is not easy; you need to market yourself as a professional willing to share their skills in exchange for money, simple as that.

Skillshare is a great place to start. Register yourself as a creator or a tutor. Start by recording yourself self-teaching a matter, such as drawing or using the camera. Anything you think people would pay for, and start uploading them.

Engage with them in the comment section for Q&As.

  • Web design

Create your own design templates and color palettes, sell the designs to whoever needs them, find those buyers on Fiverr or maybe in your circle. Web design is an essential aspect for every influencer and business; it assists in its popularity, figure verification, and professional life.

If you have the skills to develop a website, create some templates under your own name. Make sure you copyright them by keeping a watermark over them; release that watermark once purchased.

  • Wedding Photography

Back to the weddings, I’m not sure if you have a camera at home lying down. Still, ill say you do, grab that camera and go on YouTube. Learn how to take professional photos and portraits, get the things ready, see what equipment is missing from you and go get it.

Taking professional photos is still a prevalent industry, especially in weddings. Come on, it’s infrequent to see someone getting married more than once. They want this extraordinary moment; get your things ready and take these photos.

A photographer makes $10 an hour.

  • E-books

An E-book or a digital book is a form of text or a novel made available digitally; without purchasing the book physically. The audience can read it from their PCs, Phones, or Tablets.

Writing one isn’t hard and isn’t easy neither. There are rules for it, but it’s not hard to learn; it’s actually easier than writing the book itself.

Writing an exciting book with an interesting topic will bring you a fortune.

Websites you can sell your e-book on:

      • Pay
      • Selz
      • Fiverr
      • Sellfy
      • Amazon

  • Affiliate Sales and Marketing

This is yet another money-making opportunity that nicely ties in with operating your own blog; if you begin to build a lot of users with your newly discovered blog. You can always go the path of affiliate marketing, in which you provide a link to a purchasable product on a third-party website. You receive a percentage of the sale when somebody clicks through and purchases something. That’s all there is to it!

  • Furniture Refurbishing

Does this make sense for you? You see an old chair that someone in your neighborhood has set out for the next garbage pick-up, but you can’t help but think how lovely it would be with a fresh cushion and a coat of paint. Make “furniture refinishing” your new side hustle by repurposing old furniture 

  • Phone Case Business

84% of the world population holds a smartphone in their hand, equal to 6.6 billion human beings. Selling phone cases is a significant business as long as people are addicted to their phones. Many people personalize and protect their phones as a part of themselves.

  • College Admissions consultant

The college admissions season is getting closer; September, January, and May are the 3 prominent college intakes. If you are a person who knows the universities really well and can assist people, then start an admissions consultancy business. Get paid to counsel the student, know their intentions, understand their background, and match them to a university accepting them.

You might charge more if you start making the university application for the student on their behalf.

  • Buy and Sell Domain Names

If you’re sharp enough to spot catchy domain names that aren’t already taken, you can acquire them and profit richly. Numerous unclaimed domain names are available for less than ten dollars each. Many domain names are resold every day for thousands of dollars.


Start by choosing short and catchy names; maybe don’t include numbers. Come up with a company inside your head, translate it into real-life, make sure you give it a perfect catchy name, and then keep the domain for yourself.

A viral website that is very useful for buying domains is

  • Writing & Copywriting

Copywriting is writing content to make a sale. It is precise and very effective.

Are you an excellent writer? You may earn money online by writing blog entries such as this one, articles, emails, and even business-related social media captions.

  • Translator

Are you bilingual, or do you speak more than one language in general? If this is the case, you might establish a side company as a translator to assist others in communicating.

Here are some ideas where you can use the translation skill in:

      • Translating games
      • Translating blogs
      • Writing subtitles 
      • Translating websites
      • Translating apps
      • Translating content
      • Translating news
      • Personal translator

  • Ghostwriter

Ghostwriting is typically very popular; this part of writing is basically writing without telling who you are. Many writers, singers, book publishers, and more use ghostwriters to get things done.

How does it work?

Someone pays you to write them an article on the topic they ask for, and you do the job, then it gets released by the name of the person who paid you.

Ghostwriters are recruited for a wide range of projects in various genres and mediums.

You may have read of ghostwriters working on publications or political speeches or seen job ads for university essays, fictional books, or even captions on a company’s social media posts.

Freelancing services such as Upwork and Fiverr are frequently used by ghostwriters to find work. A firm may hire a ghostwriter to write fiction for a specific length of time.

A ghostwriter could be paid to compose political speeches for a single individual. A ghostwriter could be engaged for a single little project, such as producing a technical manual or a specific article on a website, or for more significant undertakings, such as writing a book.

  • Sell Businesses

Now, let’s combine some of the skills mentioned above that can become a significant business in the future instead of a side hassle.

      • Web development
      • Graphic Design
      • Translation
      • And Domain lookup

Combine all of these and make bundles.

Pick up a name, reserve its domain with dot com, do unique designing for it, develop the website, and make sure it’s functional and ready to be published.

Then repeat this for like 3 to 4 times. There you go, now sell this website for potential customers looking to start a business on their own. It will be a passive income for you just by finishing one website.

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