Cryptocurrency is known by its various names. You’ve certainly heard of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, among the most popular types of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular as a means of making online payments. Before converting real dollars, euros, pounds, or other traditional currencies into (the symbol for Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency), you should know what cryptocurrencies are, how to secure your investment, and what the risks are while using cryptocurrencies.

Ever wondered how to get involved in all digital currency markets? 

Guess what you are not alone in this as there’s been a huge market added into the crypto market and evolving every second. 

Currently, the Crypto market cap of all cryptocurrencies sits above 2 trillion dollars.

What is a market cap in cryptocurrency?

Investors utilize market cap to tell a more complete story and compare value across cryptocurrencies, just as price is one approach to gauge a cryptocurrency’s value. It might show a cryptocurrency’s development potential and whether it is safe to buy in comparison to others as a vital metric.

First things first

This isn’t financial advice. Finally, you must conduct your due research before engaging in any investment, including crypto, which is extremely dangerous. As a result, there’s a good chance you’ll lose some or all of your money.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is digital money that uses encryption techniques to establish an alternate form of payment. Because of the use of encryption technology, cryptocurrencies can be used as both a currency and a virtual accounting system. 

A cryptocurrency wallet is required to use cryptocurrencies. These wallets might be software that is kept on your computer or your mobile device, or they can be cloud-based services. Wallets are the devices that store the encryption keys that verify your identity and connect you to your bitcoin.

What attracts investors to cryptocurrencies?

FOMO (Fear of missing out), From the start whole concept of blockchain technology, created a digital counterculture and a wall barrier among the ones not into it. It mostly attracted the ones who were fed up with the traditional finance culture. Since then the hype and rage for being in the crypto world kept on increasing. Raging from emotional-based to rational-based decisions ended up investing in it.

How does blockchain technology work in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is traded on a peer-to-peer network using blockchain technology, which saves data in encrypted blocks that are subsequently chained together, making it nearly impossible to erase.

Transactions were tracked in written ledgers and stored in financial institutions before blockchain technology. With the introduction of blockchain technology, it is now possible to eliminate intermediaries from these transactions, allowing for new sorts of economic activity in a variety of industries.

Easiness of usage of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies can now be acquired and exchanged in hundreds of locations. Investors’ options were not as plentiful not long ago. Surprisingly, even large banks like J.P. Morgan and Bank of America (along with a few minor countries) have recently joined the bandwagon, indicating that digital currencies are becoming more widely accepted.

Cryptocurrency trading can be done 24/7 

Unlike daytime trading and weekdays off in the stock market. Cryptocurrency technology comes with a very advanced system that keeps on mining the coins and trades 24/7. 

The only downside is the volatility of the market at extreme levels.

Possibilities for big gains (and downside)

Cryptocurrencies fluctuate a lot, often substantially, and for no apparent reason. Crypto fans perceive what some consider a “no-go” zone as a virtual playground.

Cryptocurrency investing has drastically transformed the lives of several people. Others have been ruined as a result of it. Nonetheless, the possibility persists, and individuals enjoy the opportunity to win large.

Volatility, on the other hand, isn’t always a bad thing. In truth, a healthy market is usually volatile to some extent. Extreme price fluctuations induce panic, prompting investors to bet on market movements, resulting in increased price volatility.

The community

We just saw the crypto community hold up a gigantic piece of legislation—the infrastructure bill—in which blockchain communities from all over the world rallied together in the last hours of the proposal’s debate.

While the bill’s outcome wasn’t ideal, the fact that crypto is here to stay and has the power to influence governments at the highest levels cannot be overlooked.

What amount of money should I put into cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile—even Bitcoin, the “Coinfather,” fluctuates a lot—so only invest what you can afford to lose.

Most “how-to” publications will advise you to dedicate a certain amount of your portfolio to cryptocurrency. That’s not what we’re here for.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide what level of risk you’re comfortable with. If you’re just getting started, however, it’s best not to go crazy right away. Before diving in, take a toe dip.

Is Cryptocurrency Halal or Haram?

Crypto halal or crypto haram conceptions, according to the majority of Islamic jurists, will not be simply addressed. Some regulations believe crypto to be halal, while others consider it to be haram. However, the majority of scholars believe that trading in cryptocurrency is haram since it has no intrinsic value.

It doesn’t have any economic value, and it doesn’t return any kind of origin. It has not been adopted by any recognized government body, and its value is solely determined by market fluctuations.

How do you decide which cryptocurrency to invest in?

Again, we don’t provide investment advice, so we won’t tell you which cryptocurrency to buy since, let’s face it, it’s anyone’s guess.

When it comes to purchasing and selling crypto, the most important thing to remember is to first grasp the asset class, and then go over each one individually.

Consider cryptocurrency to be the “long shot” in a horse race, with high odds and large prizes for winning wagers. The horse may have incredible speed, but there’s always the potential it’ll turn around and flee in the opposite direction at any time. Be prepared for bumps (or sinkholes) in the road while dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are currently accessible on the market. With throngs of workplace chair jockeys yelling “to the moon!” it can be difficult to know where to get reliable guidance.

The most effective technique is to educate oneself and adhere to a set of key ideas.

To begin, consider the following:

What exactly is your value proposition?

Many cryptocurrencies have distinct value propositions that set them apart from one another. Look to examine what (if any) market needs are met while performing your investigation.

Is there a following for it?

A lot of cryptocurrency price swings are based on herd mentality and FOMO. To a certain extent, strong communities of devoted followers can serve to boost an asset’s underlying value.

When obtaining guidance, it’s critical to use caution. Many of the sounds you hear are noise from dishonest “pumpers.” Look for reputable sources who are knowledgeable about the subject. Finding space pioneers who have dedicated their careers to the business is a wonderful place to start.

What is the team’s strength?

Examining the team behind a cryptocurrency is one of the simplest methods to learn more about it.

Look for the following:

What is their background? How extensive is their knowledge?

Is it noteworthy that they have been featured in significant media (other than their own)?

Are they conversing with their followers on social media? Do they have a fan base?

Past success may be a good predictor of future success (but not always).

What you should not do?

Don’t put more money into it than you can afford to lose. Crypto belongs to the “very high” risk category on the risk scale. Prepare to lose any money you put in.

Not attempt to time the market. It’s pointless to try to game the crypto market, just like it’s pointless to try to game the stock market. Any expert would tell you that investing through market cycles is the best strategy. At market tops, bottoms, and in-between (#HODL), there are lessons to be learned.

Remember to do your homework. The more research you do before making a decision, the better your experience will be. Also, don’t listen to self-proclaimed “gurus” when it comes to money. They’re also quite new to the area.

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