Top 10 Benefits of Facebook Advertising: How Facebook Ads Help


Facebook the all-time great social media app that everyone uses and everyone used before, was created by Meta and launched officially to the public in early 2004, and since then, Facebook has been growing and growing to reach 2.91 billion active users monthly, so it’s smart of Meta to release an Ad manager to control, manage, and launch ads on their popular platform, now every individual can benefit from that ad manager of Facebook to run ad campaigns and manage them.

What are Facebook Ads?

From the name, its digital advertisements that are present on Facebook pages, they show as sponsored posts on the user’s feed, it’s a complete mechanism for users, allowing them to reach the highest number of customers and audiences possible.

Ads can be shown as a form of picture or video to the users around Facebook and Instagram (as they are both owned by Meta) 

What is Facebook Ad Manager?

Let’s talk about Facebook ads manager, its a tool that can be accessed through internet browsing or here: 

it is used by linking your ad manager account (Which is FREE) to your Instagram account or Facebook Page to be able to access advertising on ease.

Comparing Ad manager to google Adword, they are similar yes but VERY different, ad manager focuses on reaching those who are on their social media apps specifically Facebook and Instagram, while Adword focuses on websites and Search engines.

Similarly, Facebook owns its own Facebook AdWord which is used to target audiences on their behavior of using particular words.

Facebook Campaigns and what are they

Campaigns is a word that you will read and counter ALOT on any ad manager, not just Facebook, Ad manager starts assisting users by creating their campaign which is the main goal of achieving the desired target through digital marketing.

On Facebook Ad Manager, starting a campaign is starting a journey to achieve the target, users will be able to choose their specific niche by targeting age and keywords where would their customers exist in.

Starting a campaign on Facebook Ad Manager is choosing one of the categories that are available for selection, like lead generating, post engagement, making awareness.

Understanding Audiences

Audiences, customers, consumers, and even clients are different from each other, the very first step that anyone should take before starting their Facebook advertising campaign is to note down who are they targeting, the main elements in targeting are the following points:

  • Age range
  • Interests
  • Hobbies
  • Location

What is Creative?

After noting down your audience’s segmentation, you can go ahead and start a campaign on Facebook Ad manager, in this campaign you will encounter ad sets that will ask you about your targeted audience, campaign budget, and forecasted results.

Then the last step in Facebook Advertising, you meet the creative section which is the fun section.

The creative section is where the users prepare how the post will look like by choosing the media that exists on the account already or by uploading a new one, each has its benefit while uploading a new one does not post it as a post on the original account, it just shows an advertisement to a none existing post that can lead the viewer to the campaign objective

The 10 Benefits:

  • Ad Budget

Facebook Ad Manager is budget-friendly, you can go as low as $5 and as maximum as you want, results are automatically calculated and forecasted for you on spot, so whatever changes you do to your budget Ad manager will automatically give you what might the result be.

  • Tracking

Within the ad manager, every campaign has its records open in front of the user’s eyes, it helps the user to stay on track with every single piece of information provided on daily basis as long as the campaign is running.

  • Reporting

Users will be able to pull a report as a png or as an xls file for Excel, the report is very easy to read and very accurate.

  • Engagement

Since Facebook and Instagram are the top used social media platforms, the ad manager will be providing its users with very high organic engagements such as likes, views, and comments on the user’s post

  • Mobile App

The Ad Manager is present on smartphones, which makes it very convenient for the user to access and keep track of their Ad campaigns anywhere and anytime.

  • Competitors

Your competitors are on ad manager too! Yes, this puts you in direct competition with your competitors, it won’t affect your business in terms of growth, but it makes you wonder how your competitors are using the ad manager, keep in mind the ad manager uses the bidding systems, where the higher payee gets the highest results.

  • Categories

When you start a campaign on the ad manager, you will notice that every campaign will need an objective, and it comes from the objectives that are already set by Facebook.

The awareness category includes:

  • Brand Awareness 
  • Reach

Consideration Category, which includes:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Lead Generation
  • Messages

Conversion Category, which includes:

  • Conversions
  • Catalog sales
  • Store traffic
  • Facebook can help your awareness

While the ad manager provides many different campaigns depending on your desired goals, it is widely known that the Facebook ad manager whatever the campaign is, will always assist in creating awareness by targeting the same person 3 times at once to make them aware of the product or service or just the post you are advertising/promoting, in that case, your brand has already been promoted into the head of the consumer, the final step left is to get a conversion and makes sure your ad is ready to be converted.

Ad manager will provide you Reach, Impressions, and Click numbers for you to track life, which will create 

  • Conversions

Research that was conducted by Forbes says that 60% of businesses who are on Facebook rely on their market conversions through Facebook Ad Manager, while other businesses rely on generating leads and then giving them to their sales team to get the conversions traditionally.

  • Multi-Channel

The good thing about Facebook’s Ad manager is that it’s a multi-channel system, the system is one and can be used for both Instagram accounts and Facebook pages, and one account can control up to 10 Facebook pages which will give you control of many businesses under one account only.

This feature gives a convenient process to the users whether they are using it as a personal thing or as a digital marketing agency that controls many clients from restaurants, influencers, retail shops, or even real estate.


On your Facebook business page, Facebook Insights provides an analytical interface where you can track user behavior and post effectiveness. The software also advises competitor pages to follow and track, in addition to providing crucial analytics like page visits and article reach for paid and organic postings.

Facebook Insights illustrates data from your company page so you can see how users interact with it, what content they’re interested in, and how it compares to competitors.

 In contrast, Facebook Audience Insights is used for ad campaigns and assists marketers in better understanding Facebook audiences generally

Insights also provide the user with many metrics for them to use in tracking 

The top stats for your company page are displayed in your Facebook Insights dashboard. You may receive a glimpse of your page’s performance on any given day and alter your strategy accordingly. The following are the most important metrics:

Pageviews — The number of times Facebook and non-Facebook people have viewed your page.

Page likes – The number of people who like your company page on Facebook.

On-page actions – How many times do users interact with your business page, such as clicking on a website link or requesting directions to your store.

Post reach – The number of people that saw your post on Facebook.

The number of people that liked, shared, reacted to or commented on your post.

Facebook Ad Manager Reports

As soon as you start running campaigns, the results should start to populate in each row on your dashboard. If you simply want to check a campaign’s recent performance, use the date slider in the top-right corner to filter for the last seven days. By enabling Compare, you may compare two separate periods in the date selector, allowing you to observe how your campaign’s performance has changed over time.

Your Ads Manager table should include the following columns by default:

Budgets: The kind of budget your campaign is set to 

Attribution settings: The time frame for which Facebook will credit conversions to this specific ad campaign.

Results: How many times your campaign has met its goal, whether it’s conversions, impressions, likes, or something else.

Reach The number of people who saw your ad for the first time.

The total number of times your ad was displayed on a screen is referred to as impressions (including second, third, fourth, etc., views by a person)

Cost per outcome: How much money did you spend on this marketing campaign against how many leads it brought in?

The amount spent was: The total amount of money you spent on this advertising campaign.

When your ad campaign is scheduled to end, it ends.

Well, Facebook is a large database, and its use of ads system is very smart, over 2 million active ads are live now on Facebook, mobile makes up 66% of these ads + revenues.

We would highly recommend you give it a try, it’s a way to hit your future with the promises you put, it’s safe, smart, and easy.

As a digital marketing agency, we have mastered Facebook Ads and every social media platform, so we created our tracking system that is integrated with all the social media’s ad managers including Tiktok!

Contact us to learn more:

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