How Metaverse will change the world?

What Exactly Is Metaverse

Technology has been advancing and evolving faster than what we have witnessed before, VR and AR have become everyday technology whether we use it or not, it is there for the sake of advancing or just for the sake of advancing.

The Definition and meaning of the Metaverse world are that it is a shared space in the universe of the digital world, using Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to teleport the user into a full 360° 3D World, extracted from Meta’s Facebook Horizon which is an invite-only virtual world uses the oculus rift VR to access and Attend their meetings within the 360° universe.

Giving the user the ability to convert their real-life looks into the 3D World with professional and carefully designed elements and avatars that can be viewed in a 360° perspective. 

Meta is the parent company that is being led by Mark Zuckerberg; Meta is the new name of Facebook, making Meta the company that owns the apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram.

People of today will remember the announcement of Meta’s to Metaverse in the next coming years allowing people to remember the days where everything was actual and physical but does it give value to society or it doesn’t?

Some existing Metaverses now is Microsoft Mesh for Teams, where people can use AR to conduct their meetings using 3D modeled people.

And another popular game currently acting like it’s a digital universe is Minecraft, Second Life was never treated like a game to be played, it was always treated as a parallel life for users to experience in the 3D world.

The Opportunities of the Metaverse

The Metaverse world is an emerging technology that we have seen before in movies, games, and shows, and some have read about being in a virtual life in the books and theories, but now it’s becoming the next big thing, and it’s becoming our reality.

Our society loves changes when it’s to their advantage and will definitely take it into use and evolve with it as long as it serves the fun and the assistance that the world needs or the society needs, especially when it takes our addiction to social media to the next level taking photos and videos from 2 dimensional (2D) world to a 3rd dimensional (3D) eye site when they are viewed in a 360° view.

Which combines the needs and wants of individuals to be accomplished within a digital world, leading them to produce and evolve with the technologies

How Does The Metaverse Affect The Day to Day Citizen?

Today’s technology is 99% connected to the society we live in, making human beings rely on technology more than relying on human being skills, that is not a bad thing, it’s a new way for the human being to evolve and build the next set of skills.

The metaverse world has brought new ways to human beings who live their day-to-day life combining all previously mentioned categories into one.

You can throw a party in a 360° World, invite your friends and family and hire a DJ to lead the music playlist at that particular party all from putting on the gear (Oculus rift) and logging on to the metaverse with your metaverse avatar.

Shopping around the malls and different retailers, buying the latest designs using the metaverse tokens, and redecorating your own house virtually, without the struggle of shipping and paying for shipments or thinking of how will all this assemble, just wave, and it’s done! (Metaphor).

And best of its all, bringing social media apps to life, for the likes of Whatsapp making chat rooms for friends and family to join and chat or discuss, or Instagram/Snapchat bringing daily life routines to the Metaverse universe of 360° without having to worry about shooting the perfect picture of your current meal or shooting the perfect selfie boomerang.

Fitting rooms will no longer be functional anymore in retails and shops, clothing stores will be able to install a technology that has not yet been released but well tested, which is, the virtual fitting rooms, for buyers to fit the piece of cloth on themselves by standing in front of the mirror that has the technology built into it, allowing the customers or shoppers to see how the chosen clothes look on their bodies before taking the step of purchasing as seen in many technologies and futuristic conferences in China.

How Does The Metaverse Affect Businesses?

COVID-19 has made the companies quickly adapt to the remote style of working from home or working from anywhere to keep the business going.

Zoom, Teams, Google Meets are 3 of the biggest examples of remote working, the only thing they adapted is seeing your colleagues in a video call, or having a quick meeting with a voice call.

That is not the case with Metaverse, this 360° Metaverse universe will create the working from home a not so much working from home style.

The employee will be working from home but using the metaverse technology, the employees will be virtually in their offices meeting their colleagues, conducting meetings, and performing their work, from their cars, rooms, cafes, or anywhere in the world. 

The Metaverse will open the doors for the marketing world to expand further using digital art, and graphic design to penetrate the 360° World as the main road to success, with all the hype and ideas that are being generated every second today, the business world has already set its plans to promote, work and generate revenue from the Metaverse.

Real Estate companies and agents will benefit a lot from the metaverse, because of how easy to access the metaverse universe, a real estate within the metaverse will be an efficient method for the salesperson to show around the houses to the people who are looking forward to buying using their 3D Avatars into the 3D world.

How Does The Metaverse Affect Crypto Investors?

With all the mentioned categories like Gamers, Musicians, and Moviemakers, NFT’s will take place for musicians to sell audio files using cryptocurrency or gamers selling unique gear and cosmetics, or even movie makers selling deleted scenes that did not make it to the final cut of the movie, the metaverse can provide a simulated retail shop for NFT’s or even a mall.

Users of the Metaverse can walk into the metaverse universe of AR (Augmented reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) and shop around for unique NFT’s using a single digital transaction that they invested in cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin, ethereum, Cardano, and Enjin), leaving Enjin coin price to $2.85. It is the most used coin at the metaverse.

As of now, The Metaverse uses specific crypto tokens within the verse that are made for users to use as a digital transaction; some of these tokens are MANA, AXS, ENJ, and many more; these tokens can be converted from your currency to that digital cryptocurrency using Binance, WazirX, and Coinbase.

With the introduction of the Metaverse universe, the designers will be able to design and create their concepts of unique in-space 3D Modeling that can be used as an NFT and sold on digital auction marketplaces like Open sea. AgainOpen Sea uses ethereum to do their crypto transactions, which will open doors to the metaverse crypto projects.

How Does The Metaverse Affect Gamers?

Gamers have already experienced Metaverse games using virtual reality and augmented reality in the gaming world with leading games like Beat Saber by Beat Games and Half-Life: Alyx by Valve Corporation.

The Metaverse still adds value to the gamers, making them enjoy a vast library of games inside the metaverse where they can start it as a chat room and then access the games they want as if they were over a friend’s house and decided to play some multiplayer games.

Games nowadays follow a very strict business module, The Microtransactions, which allows the player to pay a small amount of money and gain a unique in-game cosmetic to make the player stand out in the way the metaverse avatar looks.

With the emergence of digital transactions and cryptocurrencies, gamers will now use cryptos in microtransactions to purchase their desired cosmetics.

But games have already adapted to living and being alive inside a metaverse game, Minecraft, for instance, is based on unlimitedly generated cubes to create a world on a random generation number, that until Microsoft came in with the idea of turning the whole world into a holographic world that you can physically touch, it won’t be new to gamers. Still, it will be a different approach.

How Does The Metaverse Affect Movie Makers?

We all love movies, mainly when they are shot in our hometown, which gives us the happiness of seeing our homes and neighborhoods on the big screens.

Using Metaverse, movie makers will no longer have to travel across the globe to check the prospective locations to shoot their scenes, with the right team, the metaverse can simulate the locations, weather, and the environment as a whole.

It can also assist in creating CGI characters and smoothing the process of the actors having to work with a non-existing being in real life.

With now big studios like Marvel Studios bringing the multiverse to our screens, fans are connecting the multiverse theory to the current metaverse concept making the metaverse a parallel universe to our real universe, opening doors and waves of brainstorms to bring new stories to the movie theaters, with the easy access to the Metaverse, filming in the Metaverse will be a thing in the movie industry. 

The Metaverse focuses on the people in it more than the environment. It is built-in, leading the designers and producers to create and simulate rooms and spaces for the actors to be in.

Also, movie makers can conduct auditions for their actors to select the perfect suitable person for the role, giving them the right environment they will be in and using video calls to capture the facial expressions on the actor’s face.

The next big thing that the movie makers can produce, is a movie that can be played with a chronological order inside the metaverse giving the user the ability to live inside the movie and the environment of the film, allowing the time spent sitting on the couch watching the film a more exciting move way to be in the cinema moving around the place/environment looking at what the movie actors are doing in-depth.

How Does The Metaverse Affect Musicians?

The ways of how musicians can use the metaverse are numerous; musicians usually gather in a studio to work on their next hit or their next album; to do so, they will have to hire a producer, book a studio, and meet up on a specific date.

Extracting these elements will give us an answer, musicians and songwriters can produce their album from the metaverse, the studio providers can design and compile their existing studio to the metaverse and gather the band/musicians at this one spot giving them the freedom of connecting and get to writing, whether they are on the tour bus, at home, on a vacation, anywhere.

Not to leave behind, that musicians rely a lot on their live performances around the world that can generate revenue for them. 

What will the metaverse do to that? similar to what we have seen recently in Fortnite by Epic Games bringing top billboard musicians to perform in-game Fortnite concerts, it was a very unique type of event but fans loved them, integrating them into the Metaverse will be an easy job and yet an amazing way to attend concerts without leaving your room or even your house. 

Even with the metaverse promoting crypto transactions, musicians will still be able to promote their music and conduct live performances with real physical money, by promoting their live shows on their websites that will use the traditional card payments such as VISA & Mastercard transactions to buy their tickets online, and then the fans receive their joining ticket on their email in a form of a unique link to join the room/space without being able to share that link so the musicians can still protect their rights from that show

Last but not least, fans will be able to access the shows in the metaverse. Musicians will be able to write, record, and compose in the metaverse, producers will be able to provide their studios and equipment through the Metaverse.

After the effect of the Metaverse

Many people see the metaverse as a threat to our society making the metaverse a place to be the dark side of the world.

Many internet users raised that the Metaverse is a point of concern where it may be very addicting that people would forget about the real-life, might forget the fact they have to eat or drink water to stay healthy.

While they are in the virtual world, the fact that users might lose track of time is real and might be the major reason for the increase of diseases because of the lack of keeping up with a healthy life.

Another current drawback of the VR and AR is the headset and eye shades, which can cause many eye strains, and tons of headaches, and dizziness, these symptoms are kind caused by having the gear on the head for too long, because the eyes are staring directly to the screen instead of keeping distance from the screen to prevent the blue light from causing health issues due to the illusion caused by the Virtual reality and the augmented reality gear.

This also adds to cyberbullying taking its steps to the next level, creating a wider yet stronger way of bullying and hacking, which currently has many unsolved cybercrimes floating around, the Metaverse might be an open door to more crimes similar to what we see now and beyond.

More to mention, The Metaverse will require strong internet connectivity, yes 5G and the fiber-based connections nowadays might be handling the concept of the metaverse, but with the high rendering graphics, it might be an issue to a lot of households with connections to realize the huge speed required for this.

While many other people have asked what is the privacy level when it comes to the metaverse, we all know that these technologies collect so much data and information from the user, will they be able to keep them or secure them, are the terms and conditions going to protect the data from being sold? many questions to ask about privacy.

The technology realm is filled with viruses and issues that are still being solved to this day, will the metaverse adapt these issues and make them worse? or the technology will come with a huge and strong firewall?

However, it is still early for users to judge or give notes on the Metaverse since it will not be released before 5 years to the future, and Mark Zuckerburg has already mentioned that Meta is planning to sign one billion users to the Metaverse by 2031 in one of the metaverse Events.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, in his recent metaverse Demos that showcased the metaverse idea and how it will be working, that the metaverse is the Facebook app translated to AR and VR, so if people are already educated on Facebook why wouldn’t they be educated on the Metaverse.

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