How to be famous on social media

The quickest way to become famous is to spend 20 years working hard for it. And I’m not saying this from experience, just saying this from observation. Here’s what you do during those 20 years.

  • A) Know every aspect of the history of the area you want to be famous in.
  • B) Understand how it developed every new idea in your industry.
  • C) Completely dominate more than one industry. So you can combine ideas at the intersection of all the industries you are interested in.
  • D) Do the Daily Practice of improving physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. It allows you to be a complete transmitter from the universe into your area of interest. It enables you to become an idea machine. To become the physical vehicle by which it can channel change. 
  • E) Once your idea muscle is developed enough, start sharing those ideas with a community. Write for websites, comment on blogs, talk on Twitter, answer questions on Quora, speak at conferences, write a book, post on Pinterest, build a group on Facebook, make an email newsletter, consult for people, coach people, and so on.
  • F) Respond as much as you can to the people in your community who reach out to you. Every person you touch becomes a new node on your network. The more nodes on your network, the more the value of the network increases exponentially. Introduce different nodes. Become the Source.

Always be the bank of ideas, connections, resources, everything.

  • G) Continue to do A-F. Your network grows exponentially. While I was writing this, I was thinking of everyone from Steve Jobs to Bobby Fischer to Cyndi Lauper, Orson Scott Card, Eckhart Tolle, and on and on. I watched how each of these people went from studying the history of their field to developing new ideas that pushed the area, to networking, to responding, to ultimately seeing their network hit a tipping point. 

The SINGLE most effective way to gain popularity is not by using hacks or tactics. Sure, some things will help you build your popularity better and faster, but these are binary. What truly matters is the foundation, and this is the content you put out on social media. Without consistent and high-quality content which provides your audience value, it won’t matter which strategies, hacks, and tactics you use, because you don’t have a solid foundation.

Remember that you build popularity on social media because people want to follow you and participate in the value proposition you provide your audience.

Your content is your value proposition on social media, and without content, you’ll never succeed. But it’s not enough to share content. It also has to provide immense value to your audience because this will work as your value proposition. Thus, it will help you attract people, build an audience, and gain popularity on social media.

The value proposition can depend on which niche you operate in and what type of target audience you have. In developing content, you need to understand what your audience is after to appropriately create content that provides people with the value they are looking for.

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For example, I would follow a fashion influencer because I want inspiration and fashion tips (thus the value I get from following that person). But if I would follow, for example, a business entrepreneur, the value I would hope to get from that person would probably be business tips and advice for becoming more successful.

Start on the right end and pay attention to what is most important for social media success, and that is, unarguably content. Focus on providing immense value to your audience (whatever that may be), and never compromise quality for quantity.

Gaining popularity through social media boils down to a couple of things.

  1. Authenticity
  2. Having something new or unique to offer
  3. Getting your idea out there
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The first thing should be authenticity—That’s what separates TV personalities from social media stars. In social media, people expect to see real people with their real personalities. Don’t ever lie to or try to trick your audience. That’s a big temptation as you get bigger and are offered paid endorsements. Always be upfront, or you will distance your followers.

Second, having something new or unique to offer.

That’s easier said than done; however, if you look at the most popular YouTube channels, Facebook pages, and blogs, you’ll notice that the leaders offer quality, interesting content. There will be a couple of early “copycats” that also have a decent following, and then you have many people with minimal followings.

Look closely at yourself and what you like to do. Don’t start a blog or YouTube channel because you see someone else doing a certain thing that you think you could do too. There is way too much work involved if you don’t love creating the content.

Finally, getting your idea out there.

You can do it organically, but it is a lot easier with a few paid ads to get you started. Many social media sites have easy-to-use advertising platforms, especially Facebook/Instagram. Figure out who your primary audience is, and then marketing directly to them. A well-run campaign may only cost a few hundred bucks to get several thousand followers!

What’s the best strategy for growing my account on Instagram?

So we run an Instagram account catered to a certain niche- writers and authors. I’m currently on a hiatus, but we gained about 80 followers with our first post. We ran it for a week, posted about six things, and gained about 350 followers before taking a break. We deleted bot followers as soon as we got them, so these are all real people who interacted with my posts every day.


  • Use Hashtags and Be creative.

I cannot stress how important hashtags are! Use about 20–30 catered to your audience. Make one for your brand as well, if you’d like. You need to type in # and then write what you want the hashtag to be after.

  • Interact With Your Followers

Your followers should be excited when your posts come out, so reply to your DMs and comments! Block people who are trolls.

  • Spam Your Stories

Look, I know it sounds weird. But I recommend doing this! It’s one thing that helped me reach so many followers. Put polls, question boxes, music, and whatever you’d like in your stories! Make sure your viewers are interacting with them and make it seem fun and interesting. Involve them in your posts! Ask them what they’d like to see.

  • Follow People

Yes. Following people is a great tip to help you gain followers. All you need to do is find people whose accounts are similar to yours. Instagram will recommend you stuff. Do not unfollow someone after they follow you! That isn’t nice and will make you lose respect.

  • Make Friends

Making friends is a great way to get a regular audience! Support them, comment on and like their posts, and check out their stories. Chances are, they’ll give you shoutouts, and you’ll get more people to follow you. And you’ll have a band of people who’ll be supportive of you on every post!

  • Shout Out and Share Fellow Creators’ Accounts and Posts

I can’t remember if Instagram removed the “share post” button, but that was such a great way to help fellow creators! If you do this, then more people will shout out your posts and accounts as well!

  • Follow An Aesthetic/Theme With Your Posts

Make sure your posts are clean, concise, and in a certain theme! Choose your favorite colors and make every post fit in together on a grid.

  • Make Sure Your Bio Is Concise and Gets To The Point

Make your bio easy to read, organized, and clean, and it will be more unforgettable! For the link space that Instagram gives you, use LinkTree to have lots of links in one place.

  • Post Entertaining Content

Create content that is fun to see. Your content should not be boring so that the viewer will skip the minute he sees on their feed. Add humor to your content if you can; more than 50% of social media users like to see funny posts on their feed. Using humor is the best way to grab an audience early on in your relationship with them. 

  • Make your content unique

If your audience views your content as the first they have ever seen, they will share it as much as they can to show the new piece of information they acquired. New information 

  • Post consistently

To explain this point, let us take an example. If you are a YouTuber, post your videos every week. This way, your audience will understand that you are constantly posting and waiting for your video eagerly every week. Not to mention this way will make them remember you throughout the week because they know they’re going to see amazing content in some days. 

And that’s it! I’ll make sure to add more if I can remember later. I did a lot of research before starting my Instagram account, so I hope this helps you!

Remember not to buy followers. I don’t recommend bot followers, as Instagram’s algorithm might see “oh, this account has a lot of followers, but none of them are liking or interacting with this account’s posts. This probably means their content is boring” and does not have your account/posts show up more in the explore tab.

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