In this blog, we will know how to get on the Instagram Explore page in 2022.

This is a great way to get more followers and increase engagement.

If you want to get on the Instagram explore page, you need to follow these steps:

1) Go to the search bar at the top right corner of the app.

2) Type in “explore”.

3) Click on the first result.

So, to secure your spot on that front page I’m going to share my tips which work all time.

What does the Explore page on Instagram do?

Instagram’s Explore page compiles material based on each user’s unique interests. The Instagram algorithm selects content based on related accounts or previously seen material. There are images, moving pictures, Reels, and even Stories on the Explore page. No two Explore pages are the same since Instagram customizes the content on this page to each user’s preferences.

By pressing on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app screen, Instagram users can visit the Explore tab.

Source: Instagram

You can use keywords in the top search bar to locate well-liked posts, accounts, and tags associated with a particular subject.

The outcomes can be further filtered based on specialized categories. For instance, the “DIY crafts” Explore page offers further filters to help you focus your search by media or material. Users of Instagram can narrow down their search results thanks to this. Based on the search results Instagram returns, it might give you as a business owner ideas on what kind of material your clients are looking for.

Why your brand should care about Instagram’s Explore page

Because more people might view your post if it appears on the Instagram Explore tab, your brand should be concerned about it. By 2023, Instagram is expected to have around 1.2 billion active monthly users, therefore this increased visibility will have several connected advantages:

More followers

Every day, more than 200 million accounts access Instagram’s Explore feature. That represents 50% of platform users. Instagram will also present your material to those of these users who are most likely to be interested in your account. This indicates that you stand a strong possibility of gaining some of their support.

Instagram Justin Bieber Account has more than 252M followers on Instagram which are highly engaging considering the likes and growing ratio each day.

Increased engagement

Users are more inclined to like, comment on, or share content with friends if they enjoy what they are viewing. As a result, when users find your material on the Explore page, it may increase brand engagement.

Sales Boost

It helps to bring your products in front of the right customers when more people find your content through the Explore page. Moreover, the Explore page may include your shoppable Instagram posts. Increased consumer awareness of your products may result in higher sales.

How does the Instagram algorithm work?

Each user’s feed and Explore page is customized by Instagram using a Feed Ranking System. Machine learning is used by the Explore page algorithm to gather ranking signals and choose what to display. According to each user’s Instagram behavior, the platform selects posts using an “unconnected recommendation engine.”

Then, based on a variety of criteria, the Instagram algorithm prioritizes these posts. Engagement, novelty, content quality, and relevancy are some of these elements.


In conclusion, Instagram tailors the Explore page according to:

  • fresh posts that receive a lot of engagement
  • what kind of stuff do you typically consume
  • Accounts that you’re already following
  • The kinds of postings that receive interaction from followers

Let’s say, for illustration purposes, that you interact with Reels in a way that is related to cooking and that you follow numerous accounts related to food. Instagram will gather well-liked food-related material in this scenario on your Explore page.

At the moment, relevancy and interactivity are the basis for the ranking system. Instagram appreciates material from all kinds of accounts equally as long as it satisfies the basic requirements.

This shows it’s great news for people running a business on Instagram same as any other personal or creator Account.

Quick Tips to reach on Instagram Explore Page

Just like millions of users using every day, the competition of being showed up is also very competitive. That’s a big challenge but no worries apply these tips and they will help you.

  • Share the Most Engaging Content

One of the key ranking indicators used by the Instagram Explore page algorithm is engagement. It’s easier said than done to create compelling content. Examine your target audience and the content you already have. Which Instagram posts do they interact with the most? You can benefit from a short Instagram audit to make these findings.

Your material should ideally have two key characteristics: it should be helpful and it should be visually appealing. What value does your content add? Does it assist your followers in achieving their goals or resolving issues? Or maybe it enlightens and teaches them. If it fits with your brand’s personality, you could even make material specifically to amuse them.

  • Plan your timing for the best possible interaction

When it comes to increasing engagement on social media, timing is crucial. Your post can disappear from the feed if it doesn’t receive immediate engagement because there are thousands of pieces of new content published every minute. Posting at the times when your followers are most likely to see it is the key to solving this issue.

Depending on the audience, industry, and region, there may be the best time to post. So, to decide when to post your content, pay attention to how your followers behave. With the help of our Golden Click Team, we collect engagement information from your profiles to determine the most effective posting times.

  • Discover new ideas by reading other entries on the Explore page

If you’re unsure of how to produce captivating content, consider the kinds of content that frequently appear on the Explore page. This may provide you with ideas for the kinds of content your target audience enjoys reading. It might help you become inspired and develop your content strategy by demonstrating the strategies that are effective for other accounts that are relevant to your sector.

Maybe people like seeing quick how-to videos. Or perhaps info-graphic carousels appear to attract a lot more attention. Do you notice that “before and after” changes are more prevalent than typical client stories?

The successful “recipes” should be noted, and you should figure out how to apply them to your own Instagram content strategy.

  • Spend money on paid advertisements

It might be challenging to reach audiences through organic posts, therefore it can be helpful to supplement your efforts with some bought advertisements. You can run advertising in Explore on Instagram, which will prominently display your content to users who are visiting the Explore page.

Remember that appearing on the main Explore page is not a guarantee if you click on these adverts. But if a user scrolls down after clicking on one of the postings on their Explore page, they will show up. This still greatly raises the visibility of your material. Additionally, it enables you to connect with pertinent folks even if you haven’t yet reached their organic Explore page.

  • Get an Expert’s Opinion / Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

If you are having a hard time understanding all these concepts, which can be difficult for a few people to handle effectively. It’s always an option to leave it up to digital marketing agencies like Golden Click. These Agencies will not only help you rank organically but will deeply understand and apply those custom-made strategies which work for the brand in the future.


Although it can be difficult, getting onto the Instagram Explore page is not impossible. Instagram vs Reality we all wish to be explored and recognized. You may increase your chances of appearing on that page and catching the attention of users by checking your analytics, producing engaging content, and using pertinent tags.

We’d love to know how you ended up on the Explore page if you’ve visited it before. Share with us on Instagram! And if you need assistance finding appropriate hashtags, make sure to use Flick to find hashtags that will benefit your account.

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