Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp updates you need to know

Did you know that Facebook owns 91 companies to date? And since it is changing its name and in a couple of days, or weeks, the little blue Facebook icon on your phone might also change.
Facebook Corporation decided to add some incredibly useful features to its biggest owned companies, Instagram and Whatsapp.
Those changes might be intended to fix their image problem. As the platforms have made a noticeable problem and were down for several hours.
Users at that time immediately switched to their competitors. Such as TikTok and Telegram. The Facebook corporation is currently trying to regain its powerful image. 
Here are some very interesting new updates coming to Instagram 
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  • Stories will last for 60 seconds 

You no longer need to upload and cut your videos on Instagram stories. Just post your long video and viewers will be able to view it in one click. 

  • Ability to Share content from desktop

Instagram users and especially social media managers can now finally post content through their computer desktop. It is something all social media marketers have been waiting for. No more sending content from your desktop to your mobile phone. 

  • More collaborate options

Instagram will create a “Partnerships” messaging section to facilitate reaching out to creators and influencers. The platform is also planning on letting creators have a digital store visible on their profiles. This will allow better-sponsored promotions to the creator’s audience.

  • More data analytics tools

We all know how beneficial Instagram data analytics tools are. But now with the introduction of more tools, you will get to know more about your audience and schedule better content for them. Instagram wants to give more information for marketers, businesses, and creators, to know who exactly is engaging with their posts.

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The new Instagram insights tools that are to be added are:

  • Accounts engaged: which is the total number of Instagram users engaging with your posts.
  • Engaged audience: This will give information on the demographic of the users engaging with your post, and whether they are your followers or not. This will include the cities, countries, age ranges, and gender they belong to.
  • Reached Audience: This will give information on the people you’ve reached with your posts. And it will also include the cities, countries, age ranges, and gender they belong to.
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  • Scheduling live streams 

Swipe left to open the camera in the Instagram app. From the bottom edge, swipe right to select Live. You should see a scheduling option on the right side of the screen. You can set the video title in ‘Video Title’ by selecting Schedule. 

  • Advertisements in Reels

Instagram will finally allow promoting reels. This will cause an even much better reach for creators since reels already get a higher reach than normal posts. 

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Whatsapp updates:

  • Don’t need your phone to connect to the desktop, YES that’s true WhatsApp rolled out its beta version recently which will allow its users to connect it with multiple devices without connecting it with the main account. This means that once you were done scanning your QR Code from your main device wallah. Everything is sorted hurray.
  • Whatsapp will enable its users to listen to their voice notes before sending them 
  • You own the WhatsApp messages you send. Whatsapp protects your messages with end-to-end encryption and offers ways for them to be automatically deleted from your chats.
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When switching between operating systems, we have had a lot of requests to be able to transfer chat history between them. 

Now there will be the ability to move your WhatsApp history from iOS to Android. This happens without your messages being sent to WhatsApp in the process and includes voice messages, photos, and videos. To start, this feature is available on any Samsung device running Android 10 or higher and will be available on more Android devices soon.

  • Is Whatsapp a social media platform?

Good question! Yes, Whatsapp is considered a social media platform. And yes you are supposed to post content on your stories just like on your Instagram and Facebook. Your contacts need to be considered too. They need to find offers, blogs, and the latest news from their colleagues. 

Why would brands rename themselves?

Now let’s talk about Facebook thinking that Renaming their brand will fix their image problem. Many companies renamed themselves in the past few years. Business critics say it is because they are trying to leave old negative news behind or simply because they have broadened their product lines. Some companies change their names just because they want to appear modern and new. For example, did you know that Amazon was named “Cadabra” previously? Nike was “Blue Ribbon Sports”. And Pepsi was “Brad’s Drink”.

So why were Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp down?

In simple words, the arrangement of Facebook hardware and software was facing changes on the main routers. This caused a disconnection from the internet for a while. 

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