Top Instagram hashtags you shouldn’t miss in 2022

Are you ready to become Instagram famous? 

But how will you be using Instagram hashtags? What are hashtags trending right now? How do you find the best hashtags for your Instagram? And most importantly should it be written in Comments or captions?

All of your queries will be answered in this blog of the ultimate guide to Instagram Hashtags

How Are Hashtags Used on Instagram?

Fundamentally, using hashtags on Instagram is a technique to label and organize your content.

Then they facilitate Instagram in serving your posts to the appropriate users.

The Instagram Explore page’s search results are largely driven by the hashtags you use: 

But you know the story doesn’t end here as Hashtags are used as a reference too for Instagram Algorithm, So to help it in such a way will be shown to people with the same kind of interests.


Does the Instagram Hashtag strategy still work in 2022?

The hashtag has been a hot topic for quite a while now and everyone’s wondering if they have to use the recommended 3-5 Hashtags only as Instagram said in a recent post on the creator’s account.

As Instagram search optimization is improving day by day so it’s aiming toward more semantic search values and keyword search. This shows that the words used in your captions are becoming searchable too.

But the thing is despite all the advancements we can still say that hashtags still work when having a strong content strategy.


What are the top most popular Hashtags on Instagram in 2022?

See the thing is when you use ultra popular hashtag which has extremely high engagement, then those will also won’t work as Millions of people are already using it so your chances of getting ranked higher are difficult unless you produce some quality content that is liked and commented/saved by several people in a very short time.

That said, it’s always helpful to know what’s trending on the Application. Here are the top hashtags on Instagram based on their last month usage.

  1. #love
  2. #interiordesign
  3. #design
  4. #fashion
  5. #instagood
  6. #style
  7. #inspiration
  8. #art
  9. #travel
  10. #summer
  11. #realestate
  12. #foodie
  13. #homedecor
  14. #smallbusiness
  15. #shoplocal
  16. #motivation
  17. #wellness
  18. #health
  19. #lifestyle
  20. #beauty
  21. #food
  22. #home
  23. #selfcare
  24. #photography
  25. #fitness
  26. #nature
  27. #handmade
  28. #ootd
  29. #photooftheday
  30. #skincare
  31. #architecture
  32. #selflove
  33. #shopsmall
  34. #luxury
  35. #supportlocal
  36. #instafood
  37. #beautiful
  38. #mentalhealth
  39. #mindset
  40. #business
  41. #vegan
  42. #linkinbio
  43. #healthy
  44. #family
  45. #interior
  46. #entrepreneur
  47. #interiors
  48. #delicious
  49. #explore
  50. #realtor

*Updated July 2022. Data based on Sites on Internet.


How Many Hashtags Should You Use On Your Instagram Posts?

Instagram has suggested that creators use between 3-5 hashtags on their posts, despite allowing up to 30 per post, as we’ve already mentioned.

This contradicts everything we’ve previously learned about how Instagram uses hashtags, but given their recent shift toward SEO and keywords, it does (sort of) make sense.

More “recommended” content feeds are being added to Instagram, such as the Instagram Reels page. But Instagram needs to be able to correctly classify it in order to offer suggested content that really is a “good match.”

 The idea? 

More accurate self-categorization is correlated with fewer hashtags.

Given all this information, we analyzed that in Later’s research they researched experiment on the instagram accounts using fewer hashtags and the ones using 20-30 hashtags. Results came up shockingly as higher hashtags numbers were performing quite better than the fewer ones.

So, How many hastags should i use on instagram? Answer to it completely depends on you . Try and experiment what suits best for your instagram account and fewer hastag is meant to show it to hyper relavent people which is also worth trying.

What Kinds of Hashtags Are There on Instagram?

It’s a good idea to think about the many hashtag kinds you can use before choosing ones for your posts.

This will ensure that your hashtag approach covers all the necessary ground.

There are five primary hashtag types to think about:

hashtags with a geographic focus, such as #UAE or #DigitalMarketing

branded hashtags, such as #goldenclick or #gq, for promotions or events

Hashtags for your niche in the industry, such as #SocialMediaManagers or #InstagramInfluencers

Hashtags that are intended to unite your community, such as #sociallife or #IAmASweatyBetty

Descriptive hashtags, such as #WoodwickCandles or #SheaButterProducts, that accurately reflect the content of your post

There isn’t a magic number for how many of each of these hashtags you should use, but keeping the various categories in mind will help inspire you and direct your approach.

What Are the Advantages of Using Hashtags on Instagram?

One of the easiest methods to be found by new Instagram users is to use pertinent, targeted hashtags on your posts and stories.

Even if they haven’t interacted with you before, the “correct” hashtags can help you reach your target audience.

For your brand or company, this might mean more interaction, supporters, and clients.

That’s not all, though. Beyond increasing your discoverability, hashtags can be used for a variety of things. They can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including community development, gathering user-generated content (UGC), organizing campaigns, and audience research.

Due to the possibility of missing out on possibilities without a clear and well-crafted hashtag strategy, it is crucial and will surely increase engagement.

How to Discover Popular Instagram Hashtags for Your Content Strategy ?

According to Golden Click’s research report, including 20–30 hashtags in your Instagram posts will maximize their visibility and engagement.

However, how do you come up with this many pertinent hashtags for each post? These are 3 strategies you can use:

Examine the Instagram Explore Page for research

Your Instagram hashtag approach can benefit greatly from the ideas found on the Explore page.

Check out the “Top” results when conducting a keyword search for your brand or content to get the best results.

Utilizing Instagram’s explore page to find hashtags

Take note of the various hashtags being used and consider whether they would be appropriate for your content as these posts are working well with the Instagram algorithm.

Using Instagram’s Tag Search Tool, check the volume of hashtags used there

Post volume is a crucial indicator to consider when trying to choose the top hashtags.

The likelihood is that your message will be lost in the noise if a hashtag has already been used on millions of postings.

A hashtag with a small number of posts, on the other hand, is probably not being looked up on the Instagram Explore page. Try to find hashtags with between 10K and 200K posts for a secure middle ground.

Go to Instagram’s tag search feature on the Explore Page to see how many posts contain a particular hashtag.

This is a fantastic technique to check the quality of your hashtags and can also be a terrific source of ideas. For instance, you might come across a hashtag with a significantly higher volume of postings but that is more specialized and starts with the same keyword.

Should You Use Instagram Hashtags in the Comment or Caption Section?

It is entirely up to you where you share hashtags because Instagram has confirmed that they work in both the post caption and the comments.

Thought should be given to punctuality. You should do this as soon as your post is published if you’re manually adding hashtags to the comments section.

This is an excellent approach to maintain a professional caption while yet enjoying all the benefits of increased visibility that come with using the right hashtags.


Instagram is a social media intended to socialize and build a successful community. So, better make use of it and by using hashtags with the right tools and suggestions you will surely grow.

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