Reasons why you shouldn’t respond to customers right away

Replying to your customers is essential, as it will build brand loyalty. It doesn’t just serve the purpose of being respectful. It can also help you reach people through the explore page and help you get engaged with buying advertisers. Replying to comments should be one of your top priorities on Instagram.

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But have you ever put the Instagram algorithm in your consideration?

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Instagram favors posts with interactive actions, such as comments, driving conversations with your customers can be a great facilitator to higher reach.

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But now that you want to communicate to your customers in the perfect way possible as other users will also check your replies, you must give yourself enough time to think of the ideal response. That’s why you need to stop replying to your customers immediately.

The second point is that if you are an SME, you might even look as if you have no clients or any other work to do. Let’s face it, and no SME company will hire someone specifically to reply to Instagram comments, and robots will not react with any sentiment. So, look professional and reply within an hour. 85% of customers expect a company to respond to their comments within six hours and surveys revealed that the recommended response time is one hour.

The second account strategy

There’s a strategy called “the second account strategy.” It gives a better option to an increase in organic reach. You Create a second account with a Similar Profile to your main account to reply to your clients’ comments. The second account should have a similar name and username but use the same profile picture. And stop responding to the comments with your main account.

Most users will not even notice, but this way, the Instagram algorithm will define you as a different user. It will consider the post a high engagement post, so your organic reach will automatically increase with no promotion! You can try and test it yourself. You’ll find that sticks with the strategy implemented have a higher reach than posts that do not.

What about replying to your customers on Facebook?

Being responsive on Facebook is a different story. You must be highly responsive on the platform as it measures the rate of your account responding to the comments and messages.
You can also use automated messages to reply to them, and it’s a straightforward process; you will not need to hire anyone. The algorithm also favors posts from Pages that a user has interacted with in the past. This means that boosting your reply game is critical, whether that’s in Messenger or the comments. A better option is to get your audience replying to each other.

Expand your reach through your loyal customers

Your customers have a better chance and authority with the Facebook algorithm than your brand page does.
This is because they have a better opportunity and control with their followers and friends.
For example, if you need to reach an audience who are not following you but are following your followers, you will have to direct your customers to like, comment, or save your posts.
This way, Instagram will show your posts on the explore page of your customers’ relevant followers. As a user of the platform, ask yourself how many times you check you explore page and get attracted to a post that you found relevant or exciting.
Instagram’s explore page is significant to you as a brand page and as a regular user.


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