Social media strategy your business demands in 2023-2024

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Are you looking to fine-tune your social media marketing strategy for 2021-2022?

Good! Now’s the perfect time to make it happen and leave 2020 behind for good.

Sure, doing so might seem daunting, given how social media is so much more competitive and complex than it used to be.

That’s why we put together a comprehensive guide to creating a social media marketing plan from scratch.

Whether you’re new to social or want to double-check your priorities in 2021-2022, this guide has you covered.

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Identifying your Objectives

With the rise of the digital age, brands are becoming more acutely aware of the value of investing in social media strategies.
Social media networks are no longer isolated marketing channels solely dedicated to communication and promotional efforts. Social media has provided measurable results with techniques such as lead generation and social selling, in addition to valuable points of contact between brands and consumers.

By collecting data from social media conversations and applying it to consumer profiling, brands can better understand consumers, create more targeted campaigns, and improve efficiency through informed decision-making. 


Social media intelligence enables brands to:

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Increase the size of their social community
  3. Accurately target audiences
  4. Strengthen engagement strategies for increased brand loyalty
  5. Increase customer satisfaction and positive brand perceptions
  6. Convert social followers into qualified leads and new business

The best social media platforms to promote businesses

To promote your Business on social media, you need to know the best social media platforms: Promote Business. Here is the list of the best UAE social media platforms to promote your Business easily. Check this out,
  • Facebook:

The most popular community app that was created by (“Meta”) the mother company of Facebook that changed its name from Facebook to Meta on Oct 28, 2021, Facebook as a social media app holds an extensive database of consumers, many businesses intend to use Facebook as their primary marketing tool, on top of that, Facebook has been used for almost every single type of marketing ever existed, why? Because Facebook has roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users, it’s easy to target.

Instagram: While we are at “Meta,” Meta also owns the most popular photo and video-oriented app, which is Instagram, with a close-range of active users that can reach up to 2 billion energetic users, Businesses usually connect and integrate Facebook to Instagram to achieve a broader range of audience when promoting, where 90% of the influencers use Instagram as their primary platform, and businesses take advantage of that to reach the maximum as they can.

Checkout our detailed blog on Metaverse and its influence on everyday life:

  • Twitter:

Twitter is considered as a microblogging social network, similar to Facebook, but you can consider twitter as that severe student in school, firms don’t have to promote their stuff on Twitter, but yet Twitter is the best place to track news, especially the information that can be followed by your firm

  • Pinterest:

This is a social network app that no one really uses. Still, everyone uses it, it is in simple words “GREAT” Pinterest was made to save and discover information about any media (image, Video, Gif) in a pinboard-style, even google uses Pinterest as a source for their ideas, Pinterest was first launched years ago, in December 2009 by Evan sharp.

Businesses usually share what is being shared on their social media platforms on Pinterest to reach a broader audience. Also, Pinterest has been crazily supported when it comes to SEOs

  • WhatsApp:

Again, owned by Meta, WhatsApp was not initially developed by Meta; Meta purchased WhatsApp by winning a bid of $16 million.

WhatsApp is mainly based on direct messaging only; it’s not public. It’s more of an encrypted end-to-end messaging. It only happens if one party has the number of the other party, users can not find each other randomly, only in sharing or exchanging numbers.

Businesses now use WhatsApp for Business to track orders, serve the customers, solve problems, or even promote their products to their database, similar to email marketing, but WhatsApp messaging is more effective in marketing.

  • TikTok:

One of the top social media apps emerging now is china’s most prominent social media app, TIKTOK; yes, TikTok is made by a Chinese company called ByteDance. Now TikTok is a standalone company on its own.

The app focuses on video only promotions and ideas, as a business promoting something on TikTok is very useful because of how easy their algorithms are, they are quickly escalating to a trending video, and a massive plus for the businesses is that TikTok provides the users in what is trending today and now, which can help the Business to act fast and follow the trends for their own benefit.

  • Snapchat:

Snapchat is a similar app to Tiktok but not that similar; Snapchat has always been the social media app that uses a short video strategy, but the main focus of Snapchat is that the users can provide their audience with a quick snap that was recorded and uploaded directly. If you miss seeing them in the next 24 hours, that’s it; they’re gone! This is why it is a great strategy to provide the audience with unique promoting ideas. For example, a company can promote a service or product in daily videos.

  • YouTube:

The Google-owned video documenting a network, obviously everyone knows it, but let’s explain how it’s suitable for businesses, promoting using paid Ads on YouTube have been proving its efficacy and effectively growing, because come on, when we wait for the 5 seconds to finish and skip the ad, we will definitely hear the ad don’t we? what if the ad caught our eyes or our ears to something we want? Well then, we found something, and the Business got their benefit with a successful ad!

Of course, Ads won’t be promoting random stuff; ads usually use cookies to target the right audience.

  • LinkedIn:

Have you ever asked yourself what the social media app/website that connects Businesses to Businesses instead of clients is? Maybe you wanted to learn more? Establish connections? Or maybe do market research? LinkedIn is there for these purposes. Trust me when I say LinkedIn is perfect for every business owner, creating a profile, sharing business thoughts, or maybe hiring your next star.

  • Discord:

Discord is a social networking software that focuses on VoIP (Voice over internet protocol), basically doing voice calls. Still, Discord is similar to Reddit. It has closed communities where you can access them using invitation links. If you are looking for a specific topic with a district, you can use Discord to join them; news, reports, chats, voice calls all happen from one page.

Even though Discord has the majority of gamers on it, Discord can still be used for business meetings, discussions, or postings;. In contrast, it’s an alternative to Microsoft teams. Discord provides large servers for businesses, whether small or big. You can even host a large video call up to 25 users.

  • Tumblr:

Another microblogging app, short-form blogs, media such as pictures, and videos. Businesses can still use it to update the users with their latest changes or news; anything can be written.

  • VK:

Well, this app is different. It’s a Facebook-style app but made for Russian speakers. It’s an extensive network where businesses can target Russians and Ukrainians if they need to.

Even though VK was banned in Ukraine for no straight reason, but with a large audience in Russia, VK is still a leading app in that continent.

One of the innovative ways in social media is to get a business noticed in a short period. Follow the list above to find the best social media platforms for advertising.

Create a calendar

Imagine you have to write a post that can lead to low-quality content. A lack of organization can lead to repetitive posts or a lull in your presence on any of your channels.

 Creating content calendars for social media can help you avoid these mistakes and create more short posts. Planning things ahead of time makes it really easy to manage, and methods can be checked and tracked thoroughly with insights and detailed work on captions and hashtags.

 To create a content calendar, use a daily calendar for each social media channel and schedule your posts in advance, complete with hashtags, links, images, and other content.

Create Unique Identity or Branded work on your website

When customers visit you, your website is usually the first to search results. Let it be easy for the social networks you are on. Many website themes now include social network icons that you can quickly fill out.

 Think outside of the box and look up the icons for the brand’s graphics or colors. Some sites use short banners, while others pride themselves on changing the color.

Tag Products to your website and posts

There is a feature on Instagram and Facebook regarding shoppable tags, which is a requirement for retail brands. You tag your products for your customers, and they can easily shop on your website via the label.

 When you click on the tagged product, it takes you to the product page and gives you a brief description of the particular product.

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Bonus Tip: Create Contests & giveaways for your audience

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These are an absolute must for brand awareness. It’s pretty easy to run a low barrier giveaway for your brand, and there are many examples of successful giveaways.

The most accessible giveaways are those that require fans to do little or nothing to enter. These are also best for engagement. If you are starting with contests, we recommend going this route.
If you want to step it up, try a user-generated contest with a specific hashtag for all the events.

To monitor and respond to entries, you should use google tracking to understand your target audience better.

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