TikTok is one of the most anticipated social media platforms, due to its very strong reach algorithms that made every single user a fantastic video editor, prankster, or even an influencer.

The TikTok algorithm is a recommendation engine that determines which videos display on your For You page section, no two users will watch the identical videos, and the videos you see may change over time depending on your viewing choices and even your present mood.

When did TikTok Start?

Before TikTok, there was Douyin, a Chinese app. The ByteDance-owned software was initially known as A.me, but it was rebranded in December after a few months.

The app had about 100 million users active in less than a year, and with over a billion videos watched while scrolling per day, it was a hit. TikTok was introduced in September 2017 after the corporation became interested in expanding the overseas market.

Most recent TikTok Change on their App

While TikTok has passed its learning stage, now they have been working on rearranging its algorithms.

By now everyone noticed the most recent change that TikTok had on its interface, which is replacing the discovery button at the bottom taskbar with Friends where the user can see the most recent friend’s upload.

Before that, users were able to access the discovery tab to see what’s trending in challenges, music/audio, and region-wise.

But after the changes have been made, TikTok users will now have to find out what’s trending the hard way (manually).

The easiest way to do that is to watch 10 Tik Tok every minute for 5 minutes from the for you page and see what’s common between all of them, this is how you break the barrier of locked trends.

These steps will make you start as if you are a pro on TikTok

1. Tiktok pro

2. Find your category and genre

3. Short but engaging captions

4. High-quality specialized for TikTok

5. Engaging with fellow TikToker

6. Peak time

7. Hashtags

8. Promote Your Videos in a Variety of Ways

What does a TikTok Pro Account entail?

TikTok pro is a more comprehensive version of TikTok. It doesn’t give you access to more video editing tools, but it does give you access to additional analytics tools that let you measure the video’s weekly or monthly performance as well as the gender, geography, and interests of your followers.

TikTok pro helps TikTok celebs better understand their viewers and generate visual content that appeals to their interests. There have been numerous reports of TikTok Pro users gaining a large number of followers.

What’s more, TikTok pro is presently available for free! To get a TikTok pro account, follow the instructions below.

So, How do I get a TikTok pro Account?

Step 1: To access the Privacy and Settings tab, go to your profile page and click it.

Step 2: Select ‘Join TikTok Testers’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Verify the application by calling the phone number provided.

Step 4: Finish by following the other prompts.

You will see the Analytics button option once it gets activated.

Find your category and genre

TikTok videos can be divided into five categories: jokes, stunts, pranks, promos, and tricks. Each is more of a statement of intent than a description of the material. Jokes aim for wit, levity, or uniqueness in their content.

You have to sort out what your content is all about and then decide what suits best you and your aims and goals for your page. Generally, we call it self-analysis and self-indulgence. 

Most-viewed TikTok categories










Short but engaging captions

TikTok caption features also help brands reach more people on social media. With the realization that social audiences consume information differently and have varied demands, captions provide more options to improve online views and followers. While TikTok video is entertaining in and of itself, adding captions can assist broaden an audience by reaching individuals who would not otherwise be able to view or consume videos successfully.

Captioning TikTok videos can help a variety of people:

  • Individuals with vision and hearing impairments, such as the Deaf and Blind
  • People who consume content in a language other than their own
  • Students learning to read and write are the target audience.
  • Individuals who are unfamiliar with various accents
  • Due to a noisy backdrop environment, users may be unable to hear video material
  • Individuals who want to watch content discreetly in situations when audio cannot be played loudly

High-quality specialized for TikTok

For the best TikTok video quality, choose 1080p video quality and 30 frames per second or higher. Once you’ve got the settings right, you’ll be able to make a high-quality TikTok in no time. Lower video resolutions, such as 720p or 480p, maybe more suited to your video if you’re shooting in low-light conditions.

If the following conditions are met, TikTok does not adjust the video quality:

  • You’ve picked the correct clip size recommendation.
  • You sent the video in the correct format.
  • You select the appropriate codec type.

If you capture a video with the TikTok camera, you won’t have any resolution issues because it records videos to the exact specs defined by the platform’s developers.

However, if you upload content from your phone’s library that hasn’t been modified, the video quality may suffer as a result of the upload.

Engaging with fellow TikToker

Keep in mind that TikTok, like all social media sites, is intended to be used socially. As a result, it’s critical to interact with other TikTok artists on the site, taking advantage of TikTok’s duet and stitch features to do so. Start by including product and service education into your engagement efforts (but don’t be spammy), but don’t be afraid to communicate with other artists just because you appreciate their material.

Post at the Appropriate Moment

Making sure you post on TikTok at the proper moment is one of the best techniques to gain more TikTok followers. Of course, the optimal moment is when your target audience is most likely to be online. Finding that sweet spot may take some trial and error, but it’ll be well worth it. To automate this procedure, we propose using a TikTok scheduling tool.

Make use of hashtags

Hashtags are widely used on social media because they make it simple to identify collections of material that you’re interested in. When you utilize a combination of branded hashtags, trending hashtags, business-specific hashtags, and generic hashtags on TikTok, you may help build your TikTok audience.

Promote Your Videos in a Variety of Ways

TikTok alone cannot sustain marketing. Or something like that. TikTok isn’t a stand-alone app. Other social media channels, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest or Reddit, must be included in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. You should be present anywhere your target audience spends time online.

Cross-promote your TikTok videos by sharing them on other social media platforms with your internet presence. You’ll see that many Reels users publish their TikTok material on the site if you look at Instagram Reels (Instagram’s version of TikTok). While you can simply add your TikTok videos with the TikTok watermark (which is ideal for sending your Instagram followers to your TikTok profile and growing your TikTok followers), you can also remove the TikTok watermark.

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