Tips To Achieve Success As A Female Entrepreneur

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  • Creating a legacy for a lifetime

How amazing that the Pyramids are 7,000 Years old, do the same, try opening a business with the same concept, and by the same idea, I do not mean to build a pyramid, but I mean to build a business that stands a lifetime like a pyramid. 

Same as Kongo Gumi, the oldest business in history, it is 1443 years old, and I’m wondering why it is standing still, even me!

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They have started with a budget exceeding $600, and here we are now talking about a $70 Million yearly budget.

Learn from history to make another history.

  • Select the right niche for you

The “Niche Selection” is where people often notice that they have made a mistake. If you are too broad about a typical business, you may have difficulty knowing your authentic audience. And the more specific you are, the more likely you will find that your niche is too small and not practical to target the right audience.

Make sure that you can continue remarketing to customers years from now as well.

For example, if you’re selling maternity clothing, women are only pregnant for nine months. After she gives birth, she likely won’t be shopping in that store anymore. So when it comes to deciding on a niche, choosing a popular place year-round “Google Trends” can show you how stable a niche is.

You’ll also want to choose a popular niche such as at least hundreds of thousands of monthly searches like beauty, Food, Sports, real estate, etc.
In the end, a niche should not be short-term. So better to avoid Maternity, Christmas, Weddings, or any niche business that won’t build a long-term client base. Better to try some more creative business ideas instead!
The Golden Click Marketing Agency can assist you with deep analysis of your niche and more concerning how to manage your social media accounts, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

  • Solve a burning problem

What I advise for new entrepreneurs is “Create your Business to solve a Real Problem

What can be simple is helping people enjoy their spare time by providing an entertaining experience/ service. But no doubt that you should know what you’re trying to accomplish with your business. By knowing what burning problem you’re solving, you must use that in your marketing to help people understand “How You Can Help Them Best.”

  • Obsess over customer needs

One of the most significant sources of conflict in business comes from unmet needs. If a customer doesn’t get the service or product they were expecting, their needs won’t meet. Which is the basis for any core of the business,

Well, the most critical business tip when it comes to managing customer relations is to “always empathize with the customer.” 

When you feel their frustration, focus on listening to what they say by mirroring the intent behind their words. 

And eventually, you work on coming to a resolution that meets their needs and leaves your customer feeling heard. Simply giving a refund opens the doors to building a long-term relationship with your customers, even if they were upset with their first experience with you as a company.

  • Focus On Profit instead of Making Revenue

A mistake that a wide range of entrepreneurs and business owners are committing is being obsessed with Revenue.

Think About it. 

You’ll often find that profit is much more critical than Revenue. Sure you made $500,000 in Revenue, but if your profit after six months is only $13,000, was it worth the work? Is that even sustainable?

 Not. Make the switch from thinking about Revenue to thinking about business, employees, and your success.

  • Start with a narrow focus first, then expand

Amazon” didn’t start as the everything store. It began as a simple bookstore. And they slowly expanded into other products. That’s the art of building general business.

One of the most critical business tips is to always start with a “Narrow Focus” or “one type of Products” and then expand into relevant Products. 

A narrow focus can build a loyal audience who knows what to expect from you and is interested in what you offer. It also gives you a well-defined audience to make your marketing easier. 

Test out one product before opening a more extensive Store/Website. But first, you should aim to have an audience base and loyal shoppers to ensure there’ll be a demand for the verticals you expand.

  • Focus on employee morale

“Make Your Employees Happy.” Unfortunately, it’s one of the things entrepreneurs fail to focus on all the time. Most first-time entrepreneurs try to act like a boss. They forget that No Employee wants one of those bosses.

 Your employees want to feel appreciated, heard, and know that they’re on the right track. 

Be Careful from Micromanagement;

It is your biggest enemy as a business owner. To make it more clear, If you find yourself criticizing your team for doing the job by their style, not yours, it will take only one week to notice how your team’s performance drops.

Remember, if you do not leave space for creativity and go the extra mile with your employees, No One will go the Extra Mile for you.

  • Start a business that matches your personality

No one else can run your business better than you if you have a business that matches your exact skills, experiences, and personality. It goes beyond doing your passion and doing what you’re destined to do. 

Tell me, How can you contribute meaningfully to the world through your business? Doing something that only you can do can always create a lasting legacy, a business empire that impacts the world. 

To sum up this business tip: start the business “Only You” can begin.

  • Always be aware of your competitors’ moves

Business can be Wild; Your competitors will always try to knock you down so that they can remain at the top. While you don’t want to obsess over your competitors, you will always want to know what they do to control the game. 

What do they offer? 

How does their marketing go?

 How do they price their products and services?

 How do they consider customer relations? 

You should know every detail about your competitors’ situation in the market the earliest you know how to compete.

Do your best to fill the gaps; 

For example, you should focus on product quality parallel to outstanding customer support if you find low-quality products but excellent customer relations. The goal is to discover their overarching weaknesses and make those your strengths while still having a great collection of services and products for your customers. But remember, Your obsession should center around your customers and employees, not just your competitors. Make those two groups happy, and you’re Golden.

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  • Just do it (even if it isn’t perfect)

Means, Get Out Of Your Head, Stop overthinking, Stop questioning if you’re making the right call, and “Just Do It” with No Hesitate, that only delays your success. 

Will you make mistakes? 

You bet! Will there be challenges? 

Definitely, and you’ll have to jump high to get over them,

 and you will get over them.

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But isn’t this what you signed up for? 

Entrepreneurship is about going all in. It’s about taking significant risks so you can live the life you want with the story you create. The goal isn’t to win the award of perfection or Miss Ideal Business Woman. 

The goal is to build a business that helps people solve a problem. And the sooner you can do it, the sooner you can make people’s lives better. That’s the impact your business can implement on someone’s life. 

So Remember, The Sooner You Start, The sooner you get to help people, which is the primary goal of any life. 

Tell me more, what was the best business advice you have ever received?

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