What makes a brand iconic?

One thing I’d argue is that you don’t have to be famous globally to be iconic. Indeed, for a brand to be iconic, it has to go through criteria. Further to that, I’d suggest that to be iconic, and you have to:

  • have a purpose beyond money – a cause to which others can rally
  • provide a brand experience that stands out from the crowd and gives emotional as well as rational benefits
  • be a symbol of excellence to which others aspire
  • have admirers, and you often have detractors (iconic brands polarise people!)

The most iconic brands of all time have all of that and more: they are famous with consumers globally, instantly recognisable and somehow a shining, technicolour representation of their time.

With that in mind, here’s my selection of the top 5 iconic brands, which to my mind all meet these criteria

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a pandemic or whatever. Apple has been named the world’s most valuable brand again after it regained its throne as the world’s most valuable brand.


 This considerable success can be attributed to the company’s diversification strategy, which led to an increase of 87% in its brand value so that it was at the top of the Brand Finance US 500 ranking for 2021 and the Brand Finance Global 500 ranking for 2021.


“The legacy of Steve Jobs” 

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The conversion from quirky and grappling in the late ’90s to the most valuable company in the world a decade later is iconic in itself. The company’s products serve the perfect merger of art and science to create the first consumer electronic devices ever to be beautiful to look at and pleasant to use.

 According to the report, Apple’s impressive growth from time to time is also the result of the foundation laid by Steve Jobs, who was always on the lookout to introduce new innovations in every product that the company has ever released.


After dominating the charts for five years, Apple regained the number one position. This is another era that may well make us witness Apple’s magic with its “Think Different” ideologies again, says Laurence Newell, Managing Director, Brand Finance Americas. Apple’s evolution from Mac to iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, subscription services, and much more is just around the corner from time to time.

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Quirky and frequently controversial, Google makes the web intelligent, and it owns the information age with its brilliantly addressed mission of coordinating the world’s knowledge. An indispensable daily medium for a billion people.

Apple’s mobile phones are its main source of revenue, while Google’s revenue comes from advertising. Mobile ads, YouTube ads, and Google advertisements are contributing to an increasing amount of revenue. Revenue from the company’s main business has increased by more than 20%.

  • The ability of Google to constantly improve its products after launching a prototype or beta version is a key component of the company’s success.
  • In the beginning, Google aimed to build a powerful search engine based on algorithms which would deliver accurate results to users searching through massive amounts of content.
  • The company earns revenue from pay-per-click advertising via Google Adwords, an online platform that monetizes its search engine capabilities.
  • In addition to YouTube, Google Maps, Google Apps, and Google Cloud, the company has launched many other products and services.
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A darling of the Dot Com boom, Amazon avoided bankruptcy and thrived, dominating web retailing with continuous innovation and exceptional customer service in all of its fields

  • Foreseeing a future when products could be found anywhere and instantly purchased with a click, malls would fade from popularity, and shops would have to entertain to thrive, he predicted two decades ago.
  • After that, he constructed an empire in his image.
  • The company was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and is now trying to become the world’s first trillion-dollar company, after transitioning from second-hand bookseller to global jack-of-all-trades.
  • Although Mr Bezos is now the world’s richest person, he claims higher ambitions than reshaping the global retail market.

For more than a decade, the company put growth ahead of profit, investing in warehouses, distribution networks and data systems.

In 2017, it paid $13.7bn for Whole Foods Market, which brought it an extensive network of physical stores for the first time.

It has also emerged as a primary creator of original entertainment content, producing original drama series.

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In just a couple of decades, Tesla has gone from being an obscure carmaker to becoming the world’s most valuable car company.

Backbone of tesla, which  “Elon Musk” innovated the world into a new sense of direction

Tesla is not only the most valuable car manufacturer in the world – it’s also the most beneficial by a large margin at the time of writing.

This makes it the 8th most valuable company globally, valued at $635 billion or more as of October 2021.

Outside of the United States, there are only two companies with a higher value. Despite producing 20x the number of cars in 2020, Toyota has a value of only $212 Billion – one-third the value of Mercedes.

The success of Tesla is undeniable. Now it seems poised and ready to launch itself into becoming one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. According to Elon Musk, his company will produce 20 million cars annually – double the number produced by Toyota (the most prominent automobile manufacturer).

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Love it or hate it, we can’t thank Microsoft enough for putting a PC in every home and on every desk, a world-changing mission executed with determination and skill. Microsoft owner Bill Gates has really brought ideas into reality.

Microsoft’s sales and earnings surged in its most recent region as purchasers looked for tech solutions at some stage in the pandemic. normal sales extended through 19%, and net profits multiplied by 44%. Even as economies reopen internationally, one of the final things to return is professionals going lower back to workplaces.

Microsoft is a household name with commonly known product lines like Windows, Office, and Xbox.

Founded more than 30 years ago, Microsoft has expanded way beyond software and devices into cloud computing and services.


Microsoft was the most widely held stock in index funds and ETFs in 2019.

All-in-one entertainment systems (Xbox One) and free audio- and video-conferencing around the world (Skype) may be exciting, the kind of things that make life in the 21st century more enjoyable. Still, their impact on Microsoft’s income is minimal. Instead, the company’s secret to staggering riches lies in the daily business of allowing users to create and manipulate documents; and providing the software that performs a computer’s most important function – permitting data to make it from your computer’s hardware components to its display.

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Tips on being ICONIC

  • Create an online presence

First thing you must do as a business owner is to create social media pages for your brand and create quality content on each platform. Having an online presence right now is a must, not an option anymore. 

  • Form an army of customers defending your brand  

Make your customers not just in love with your product or service but also willing to defend it. Just like your loyal friends, customers can defend you when you are not around too. What so Apple customers do when someone says that they do not understand the hype around Iphone or Ipads, they immediately start advocating for it. By listing the features, the benefits, and even the image you get holding Apple products. Same goes with Gucci, Chanel, Dior, and many other fancy fashion brands. Their customers do not wear their fashion items and pay great amounts of money just because they look good. But because they know the quality and the after sales will cover up for their expensive products. The difference between the sales team in a Dior store and in any local shop is huge. At any Dior shop you will get pampered as a customer, they will serve you coffee, handle your purchase gently, wrap it up in a beautifully designed carton bag. On the other hand, the local shop would just  scan the code on the product and give it to you in a plastic bag. 

  • Provide Exceptional Customer Support

Have you noticed the negative comments on your favorite brands’ social media pages and websites? Did you see how they handle it? must never ignore negative comments, because that is when you know your brand has made a mistake that needs to be fixed. If you solve this mistake for your client, he will know that you fully understand him and his time and money put into your brand. But if you ignore his problem, you will be seen as if you are aware of the mistake but not willing to fix it. 

  • Interact with Your Customers and Make Them Feel Special

Either on social media or direct marketing, customer service is all about engaging with your customers and making them feel exceptional. Reply to their comments and messages with personalized messages. Do not just reply with the same format always. Put yourself in their shoes and understand their queries and doubts. 

  • Take the most advantage of your USP

Think of your Unique Selling Point (USP) as your main product. Try to embrace it as much as you can. And show it off with fantastic photography and videography. Let us take Tesla as an example, the first ever driverless automotive brand. They do not just sell cars, they are selling convenience, comfort, and most importantly luxury. Customers all over the world are bragging about driving their cars with absolutely no effort. Nothing at all. 

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