Why is social media marketing replacing email marketing?

Email marketing isn’t extinct, yet. In fact, email marketing is still one of the most cost-effective ways to reach customers to date. It is completely free of cost, and will NOT cause you a single Dirham.

On the other hand, it is not as effective as any other form of marketing.

Let’s be honest, how many times have you checked your spam folder?

Or how many times you put your fake email for organizations asking for it to send you promotional messages. A study conducted in 2019 revealed that a minimum of 3.4 billion fake emails are sent globally on a daily basis.

This explains why almost everyone barely checks their promotional section of emails. Everyday, we get adverts from food companies, fashion companies, banks, etc. We can not deny that they can be very useful, however we tend to ignore them. It is also estimated that around 85% of emails are spam.

General Benefits of Social Media Marketing:


  1. Building brand recognition 
  2. Building a brand community and engagement 
  3. Building brand loyalty
  4. Wide reach
  5. 3.6 billion social media users 
  6. Can immediately transfer to your website 


Benefits of Email Marketing: 

  1. Cost effective
  2. Targeted reach 
  3. Less risk of data breach 

So will social media replace email marketing?

Email marketing might be for free, but social media marketing is a better option to increase reach and build brand awareness. It might be true that social media is conquering the marketing world, and one day it might even be the main form of marketing.

Even before word of mouth marketing. Social media marketing is a paid form of marketing but very effective. Nevertheless, email marketing is actually not that effective anymore. So, there you go, the final answer is Yes. Social media marketing will replace email marketing. 

Types Of Email Marketing


Email Newsletters

The Email Newsletter is a one-off verbal exchange that may be used to ship promotional messages, important account records, product updates, and greater. carried out nicely, an Email publication will help build emblem reputation and focus.

In developing an Email newsletter, it’s vital to recollect a spread of things, which include:

  • content duration
  • form of data
  • Placement of photographs and text
  • layout
  • call to movement

Each target audience is specific, so it’s essential to test with specific codecs.


Transactional Emails

Email receipts, invoices, billing statements, order confirmations are examples of transactional emails. they are precipitated employing consumer behavior.

Transactional emails present a terrific opportunity to turn an ordinary email into a path lower back on your internet site. electronic mail receipts, for example, generate high open and click on prices.

Clients interact with transactional emails inclusive of order, delivery, and go back/change notifications at a much higher rate than they do with promotional and branding-centered campaigns. It’s far clear from the full open quotes that clients open transactional emails time and again.

The rather high open and click prices underscore the opportunity for businesses to cross-sell products and services to pretty engaged customers thru transactional emails. – Experian

Customers need those emails. It’s up to you to implement calls to motion, branding, and readability.


Behavioral Emails

Behavioral emails are centered messages based totally on a person’s behavior.


simply placed, what behavioral email boils right down to is this: personalization. By means of mastering your customers and growing client personas, you can tailor your emails to be applicable to which customers are within the buying cycle.

Creating a personalized experience for your customers

The most important thing in social media is to establish a personalized experience for your audience. Create content for your niche. Women, men, or children. Business owners, employees, or students. Whoever is your target audience, you must know how to approach each and how to build an appropriate messaging strategy. 

How important is community building for your brand?

It is essential to build and promote engagement with your audience. Every effective engagement brings customers closer to your brand. It builds trust between them. It is okay to use Emojis and Gifs. Believe it or not you can also use memes, all you have to do is relate to your targeted audience. Show the informal side of you, and make sure you let them show their true feelings to you too. If a customer feels like you are not like him, he will immediately think that you will not understand him. Building a community also shows to job applicants that you are a team builder. An organization that values teamwork and understands the importance of having a community, because community equals army.  Have you seen what Apple customers do when someone mentions something bad about the brand. They turn into advocates and start making assumptions that you are not aware of the brand’s reputation. Same goes with Nike and Adidas, their customers get into heated arguments about which of the brands is the best. They will wear a full outfit of the brand just to show their loyalty to it. It is just like a football club that has an army of fans. They wear their jersey as their personal brand.

But what if you can not reach a lead through social media?

Here comes email marketing

Not everyone is active on social media, some prospects only check their emails and have social media accounts just to be reachable. In this case, you can get their email from their social media accounts and email them directly. For example, you find the CEO of X company on LinkedIn and try to connect with him. He accepted the request after a while because he barely opened the platform. Then you sent him a promotional message. He never views your message. So, what do you do? You get his email from his profile and send him an email. That way he will surely see it. 

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